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Through my website I have made many friends all over the world.

Andreas Samuelsson
This is Andreas Samuelsson.

Andreas served as a firefighter at F10 airbase in Ängelholm Sweden. He's standing in front of his Räddningsterrängbil 4112 crash-truck waiting for some Viggens to land.

Here are a few of the excellent photos that he sent.
Sk-35C Draken Trainer
Draken pilots train in the two seat Sk35c. Note the instructors periscope and missing cannon ports. I have the Heller kit which can (with modification) build as this this aircraft.
Slain Red Dragon
"The Slain Red Dragon" This retired J35F is still doing it's best to look proud in it's brilliant red paint. This photo was taken at F10 shortly before it was melted down in April 1997.
Draken Main Landing gear
Talk about "inside information". Here's an inside-out look at the main landing gear of the J35.
aden cannon
Here's an excellent cross-section featuring the ever popular Aden 30mm cannon found on all J35s except the trainer.
Here is the afterburner removed from a J35j
This is the
"Raketstol fpl 35 gen 2" (RF35 genaration 2)
ejection seat retrofitted to all remaining J35.
Andreas is a member of an IPMS group in Helsingborg, Sweden. "Limma lugnt Helsingborg IPMS!!"

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