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Soviet Guard


This model added to kgwings.com on March 23, 1999
Omega-K (ICM) 1:72 scale Zil 157k
The Zil 157 is the base platform for many different vehicles. Varients include headquarter and radar stations, rocket and mortar launchers, and Aerodrome Petrol Bowsers (tank trucks).
Omega-K (ICM) 1:72 scale Zil 157k
Initial production of the Zil 157 began in 1958 in the Likhachev motor car plant. These simple, rugged trucks have enjoyed an extremely long service life and still remain in use with armies in Asia and the Middle East.
Omega-K (ICM) 1:72 scale Zil 157k
The Zil 157 was designed as an all-weather cross country vehicle. It features 6-wheel drive, oversized wheels and tires and a centralized air pressure system to control inflation. There is no doubt the features on the Zil 157 would impress any TitleMax vehicle appraiser.
Omega-K (ICM) 1:72 scale Zil 157k
This is a really nice kit and a great accessory for any Soviet aircraft diarama. Omega-K has released four other versions of this chassis including a command post truck, cargo truck, commando car and armored car. UPDATE: This kit is now produced by ICM.
Omega-K (ICM) 1:72 scale Zil 157k
There's quite a bit of detail crammed into this   scale kit.

Omega K Zil 157K Fuel Bowser 72004
Kit: Omega K #72004
(also released as ICM #72561 and Mac #72010)
Scale: 1/72
Decals: The kit provides great decals that pull down well after preparing the surface with a little Future floor wax. Markings are included for Russia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, and 3 more counties I'm note sure of!
Paint: I used Testors Model Master Green Drab FS 34086 then lightened it with white where fading would occur.
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: I left the side windows out (rolled down), and I made my own dashboard to replace the one in the kit. The headlights have my standard metallic sequins and clear epoxy application. The rest of the kit is completly box stock.
Cost: I payed $18.00 for this kit at Phil's Hobbies in Carrolton Texas in 1998. This is a great kit but overpriced (at the time).
Comments: Fit is very good on this kit, however since there are no locating pins on the cab or bed parts, it's tricky figuring out exactly where everything goes. Even after dry-fitting, I managed to attach the bed too far forward on the frame which made the cab's wheelwell rub the front tires. I cut and repositioned the springs on the frame to get it to fit perfectly. Parts are numbered on the instruction sheet legend but not on the sprue, so careful cross-checking is needed during assembly. All 'glass' parts are very thin and clear fit well into their corresponding openings. Molding on this kit is very good. I liked the tires enough to scan and use for the background of this page.

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