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KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
Tractor and Heavy Refueller Trailer

KrAZ Trucks
Soviet Guard

Moscow, Russia 1990


This model added to on April 23, 2003
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M Heavy Refueler
The TZ-22M Heavy Airfield Refueller trailer began production in 1989 at the "Azovmash" factory in Mariupol, Ukraine. It is still widely used at both military and civilian airfields throughout the former Soviet Union.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
The KrAZ-256 tractor began production at the Kremenchug Auto Factory (Ukraine) in 1958. It has been produced in large numbers and used as a basis for dozens of different types of heavy military and civilian vehicles.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
This kit is makes an ideal diorama accessory for virtually any Soviet-designed aircraft from the late 80's to present day.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
If you've ever wanted to build an 18 wheeler in 1/72nd scale, this is a pretty good place to start. It is an easy kit to build and looks very nice when all is done.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
This kit is also available from K-model in a Russian Commercial Airline scheme if you prefer something much more colorful.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
The ladder on back of the trailer is molded a bit thick and could have been replaced with some scratch building but I decided to leave mine as it was. Pieces of metallic sequins were used for the brake, turn and backup lights.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
The KrAZ-256 tractor is a very nice kit all on it's own. A few unexplained leftover pieces on the trees suggest that K-model could be (or is) producing other types of Soviet-built military or commercial vehicles based on the KrAZ. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M
I had fun with this kit and you can be sure it will be popping up in the background of many future photo shoots here.

K-model 1:72 scale KrAZ-256 / TZ-22M Heavy Refueler
Kit: K•model # 72117
1:72 Scale
Scale: 1/72
Cost: This kit was a gift from Antony Morgan, Thanks Antony!
Retail is normally between $15.00 to $19.00 (US).
After Market Parts: None
Comments: The kit has over 100 parts molded in green and clear plastic. All parts are crisp and have very little flash. Detail ranges from fine (like the front grille and side mirrors) to oversimplified (like the undercarriage). Fit was good overall so the only joints that required filler were on the tank sides. There's not much detail inside the cab, however most of the interior is unseen once the kit is completed. The clear "glass" parts are thick but not unusable. This is an easy build and would look nice right out of the box.
Decals: The decals provided in the kit are opaque and very thin... a little too thin. My decals went down smooth at first contact with the kit but due to the extremely thin carrier they tore in several places when I tried to change the position slightly. I was able to repair and touchup the damage but it wasn't fun. The markings on the door of the cab came from an Omega-K Zil truck.
Paint: I applied a base coat of Model Master "Russian Armor Green" #4808. White was added to the #4808 and sprayed for a "faded effect". Future Floorwax was hand brushed over the entire kit to prepare for decaling and weathering. An oil wash of Ivory Black was applied and then cleaned up with mineral spirits. Testors Dullcoat was sprayed overall then streaks of Future Floorwax were hand painted to simulate fuel spills over the tank.

Customizations: I used tiny pieces of silver metallic sequins for the cab's side mirrors. Pieces of metallic red and orange sequins were used for brake lights and turn signals. Plastic crafter's jewels (.75mm) were used for the headlights and searchlight. Pieces of acetate were used as replacements for the windows. Strips of Evergreen styrene were used to add supports for the spare tire holder, rear bumpers, hand rungs, windshield wipers, etc.

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