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Tornado ADV F Mk.3

Variable Geometry Winged
Super Sonic Interceptor

Royal Air Force
No. 229 Operation Conversion Unit
("Shadow" of No.65 Squadron)
Based at RAF Coningsby
declared operational on 1, Dec. 1986.


This model added to on July 28, 1997
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The Tornado ADV (Air Defense Version) is one of the most efficient long range interceptors in service today, loitering fully loaded on CAP for well over 2 hours at 375 miles (603 km) from base.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
With a top speed of Mach 2.2 at altitude, the ADV has an supersonic speed intercept radius at more than 345+ miles (556+ km).
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
From this view the elongated forward fuselage of the ADV clearly separates it from the GR-1.
The extra length a by-product of the need to carry semi-recessed missiles under the fuselage, more internal fuel, and the more powerful "Foxhunter" radar.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The Tornado ADV's twin RB199-34R Mk.104 turbofan engines create 9,100 lbs of thrust dry, and 16,520 lbs with afterburner.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The two BAe Hawks in the background are some old kits from my "not ready for prime time" collection. The Hawks work closely with the Tornado as an Air Defense supplement.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The Tornado's full weapons load includes:
1 internal 27-mm Mauser cannon, 4 AIM-9L ("Limas") Sidewinder IR missiles, 4 Sky Flash semi-active radar air-to-air missiles, with an integration planned for future use of the AIM-120 AMRAAM and Bae ASRAAM.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
It's times like these I wish I built my kits with the gear up and canopy shut. This could have made a great "flying" shot.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
Unfortunately the RAF does not have access to the same Mark 1 "Giant Hand" that I use to move equipment around.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The biggest flaw in this kit was the location of the middle canopy beam structure. It is molded too far aft, although if you display it with the canopy up, it's hard to notice.
Italeri Panavia Tornado ADV F.3
The cockpit of the Tornado was really fun. There's tons of neat displays, buttons, and gadgets to paint.
I used green sequins to "light up" the 3 monochrome TV Tab screens.

Kit: Italeri #179
1:72 scale
Scale: 1/72
Decals: Box Stock. Excellent quality and very accurate with the exception of an omitted blue-red color band on the tail. I found a replacement in my spares box.
After Market Parts: modified True Details Martin Baker Ejection seats
Cost / Value: I paid $8.50 for this kit when it first came out, an awesome value. I've still seen it as cheap as $12 not to long ago - still a great deal.
Comments: Fit wasn't bad except on the front fuselage section - I had to do a lot of putty and sanding and then re-scribe the panel lines to smooth it out. The clear canopy is molded with the framework way too far back (it would hamper the weapons officer's view) , I left the canopy up so it wouldn't be noticed. I made the wing root pneumatic seals out of masking tape. All of the weapons shown are provided and very well shaped.
Modern Fighting Aircraft-"Tornado".
The Worlds Great Interceptor Aircraft.

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