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Main Battle Tank

Main Battle Tank

Iraqi Flag

Second Regiment, Sixth Brigade
Third Saladin Armored Division
Iraqi Army


This model added to on April 24, 1998
New photos taken July 2009.

1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
The t-62 went into production in 1961 as a replacement for the battle proven T-54/55 series, however it never quite lived up to expectations due to it's much higher cost and only slightly better performance. The t-62 became the standard main battle tank in Soviet tank and motorized rifle units with production ending in 1975. The t-62M variant (also known as t-62A) first appeared in 1970.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
The most significant improvement over the T-54/55 tank is the stabilized 115-mm smoothbore main gun which fires a hypervelocity, armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot (HVAPFSDS) round.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
The Iraqi t-62M proved to be completely outclassed during the Gulf War. It's cramped crew compartment, thin armor, limited depression of main gun, and vulnerable fuel and ammunition storage areas contributed to extremely heavy losses against the alliance.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
The t-62 has an automatic spent-cartridge ejection system that can cause dangerous accumulations of carbon monoxide in the turret and is notorious for causing physical injury to the crew. Each time the gun is fired, the tube must go into detente for cartridge ejection and the power traverse of the turret is temporarily inoperable.
Chris Goodman and T-62
My son Chris (at the time 4 years old) assisting me during the original photoshoot.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
This kit was my first entry into a judging event of any kind. I took it to Squadron Scalefest 1994 and it placed third in it's division out of about 13 entries. It was also the first kit that I attempted to detail and weather accurately. I've never been able to go back to building straight out of the box since then, which is sometimes regrettable since I complete only a fraction as many kits this way.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
At the time I built this kit it was the only T-62 on the market in the scale. It still stands up well although there are several other choices now with better and more accurate details.
1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M
This tanker's upper body came from an ESCI T-34. I spliced him to a spare lower body and he finished this tank out nicely.

t-62M Specifications

Crew: 4

Combat Weight : 41.5mt

Length: 6.36m x Width: 3.52m x Height: 2.4m

Maximum Speed : 45km/h (road)

Range :
280km (cross-country), 450km (paved roads), or
400km (cross-country), 650km (paved roads) with two 200-liter external fuel tanks added.

Fording Depth :
1.4m (unprepared), 5.5m (with snorkel)
Engine): 580-hp V-12, water-cooled diesel engine.
Main Armament :
115mm smoothbore gun (2A20/Sheksna ) with basic load of 40 mixed rounds.
7.62mm (7.62x 54R) machinegun PKT (coaxial)
12.7mm DShK antiaircraft machinegun

1:72 scale ESCI ERTL T-62M #8341
Kit: ESCI/ERTL # 8341
1:72 Scale
Scale: 1/72
Cost: I purchased this kit for $4.99 (US) in 1993. It has been out of production for quite some time but still can be found for around $10.00 (US) from time to time. Still a great value.
Review: This kit is fairly easy to build with no major assembly problems. Filler and sanding is required in some places namely the upper to lower hull joints and upper to lower turret joint. Detail is good overall with the exception of the oversimplified roadwheels which are one solid wheel instead of an inner and outer wheel. A bit of drilling and whittling is needed to correct this problem. Separately molded track links are provided. (At the time this kit was released, separate links were rare and ESCI was among the very first to have them) The tie-down handles surrounding the turret are way too thick and tall. The loader's 12.7mm AA gun is represented fairly well.
Decals: I hand cut masks and airbrushed all markings.
After Market Parts: Eduard's Photo Etched Parts kit.
Customizations: Commanders hatch was opened up. I applied tissue paper wet with water and white glue to the glacis plate. Roadwheel spokes were drilled out and carved to look more like separate inner/outer wheels. Track link "teeth" were added with small trimmed pieces of styrene. Figure is a modified ESCI T-34 commander. I used scale ammo crates from my spare parts box instead of the provided auxiliary fuel tanks at the rear of the vehicle. I created the details on the lower front of the with scraps of styrene.
Research: I used (almost exclusively) Cookie Sewell's article "Building an Iraqi t-62M in 1/35 scale" out of the July 1994 issue of FineScale Modeler.

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