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Strv 103c
Main Battle Tank

South Scania Regiment

Swedish Army
P 7 South Scania Regiment
(P 7 Södra skånska regementet)
Revingehed, Sweden 1987


This model added to on November 8, 2010

Trumpeter Strv-103C
Development of the Swedish Stridsvagn 103 (Strv 103), or "S-Tank" began in 1956 based on experience and lessons learned during WWII. Production did not begin until 1966 and continued to 1971.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
The Strv 103 was an extreme departure from conventional main battle tank design with no turret and the first to use a turbine engine. It was designed with a priority of defensive positioning, thus the main gun was placed directly into the hull to allow for an extremely low profile. The S tank is meant to 'dig in' to a fortified position and await advancing enemy armored columns while providing excellent crew protection.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
The crew consists of only three - the driver/gunner, the commander and a radio-operator who faces aft and doubles as a rearward driver. The commander and gunner/driver also have the same set of sights and controls to fire the gun and drive the tank.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
Two 7.62 mm Ksp 58 machine guns are mounted in a box fairing on the left side of the hull and are aimed inline with the main gun. A 7.62 mm Ksp 58 machine gun mounted on the left of the commander's cupola can be aimed and fired from within the vehicle and can also be used for anti-aircraft defense.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
The L74 105 mm rifled tank gun is a longer version of the British Royal Ordnance L7 series gun. The gun is fed from a magazine at the rear of the hull which holds 50 rounds of ammunition in 10 racks each holding five rounds. The automatic loader enables a high rate up to 15 rds/min to be achieved.
Trumpeter Strv-103C

The Strv 103 is fully amphibious. A flotation screen is erected around the upper hull in about 20 minutes, and the tracks drive the tank at about 6 kilometers per hour (3.7 mph) in water.

Trumpeter Strv-103C

Track skirts consisting of 9 fuel cans per side were added on the 103C variant for improved protection and range, each can contains 22 liters of fuel.

Trumpeter Strv-103C
This Trumpeter kit is excellent all the way around. All parts are crisply molded with virtually no flash and the fit is excellent overall.
Trumpeter Strv-103C

Be sure to check the alignment of the tracks between the roadwheels and the return rollers so you don't end up with the tracks pitching inward at the rear of the tank like I did.

Trumpeter Strv-103C
Somewhere along the way I misplaced the two Bofors Lyran target illumination mortars that belong on the rear deck. I didn't realize I had lost them until after these photos were taken.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
Trumpeter actually provides three separate pioneer shovels rather than mold them into the hull, this same attention to detail is reflected all over the kit.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
The classic Swedish 4-color splinter camouflage is actually a bit easier than I predicted. The black and white instructions don't help much in showing proper color placement so I studied images online and mapped out a feasible pattern.
Trumpeter Strv-103C
Here's the completed kit on my workbench before aerials and optics.
Trumpeter Strv-103C

Trumpeter can be proud of this kit, it builds up beautifully with no real problems or noticeable imperfections. It is easily one of the best overall kits I've built this year.

Trumpeter Strv103c
Kit: Trumpeter #07220
1/72 scale
Scale: 1/72

This kit retails for for around $12.00(US) which is reasonable in today's market.

Decal are provided for 1 unidentified Swedish vehicle. My sheet was printed in register and opaque.

Included in the Box :

Approximately 152 parts on five trees, molded in medium green. Two rubber/vinyl tracks. 1 decal sheet and a large 8-page foldout instruction sheet printed in black and white.

After Market Parts Used: None

Assembly :

Assembly starts with the lower hull, wheels and tracks. The soft rubber/vinyl tracks are easy to install and fit well, my only complaint is that it is near impossible to make them sag properly. The next step is the commander's cupola which is an amazing 20 parts. All hatches are molded separate and could be positioned opened in desired. This kit contains some of the smallest parts of any kit I've ever built, and virtually no flash on any of the parts. Fit is excellent all the way around.


I used pieces of metallic sequins to create vision blocks and weapon optics. Stretched sprue was used for aerial antennae.


This is a highly detailed and well molded kit that any small scale modern armor enthusiast will enjoy.

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