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Do 28D-1 Skyservant

Short Take Off and Landing (STOL)
Light transport aircraft

Flag of Marineflieger
Federal Germany Navy
Naval Air Squadron MFG5
Kiel-Holtenau 1972


This model added to on December 12, 1999

Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
The prototype D0 28D Skyservant first flew on 23 February 1966.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
The production Do 28D-1 was later fitted with wheel spats, wing fences, and a large dorsal spine.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
It's boxlike fuselage seats 12 passengers or carries up to 3,000lb (1360 kg) of payload.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
The Skyservants sturdy construction and a take-off run of only 920 ft (180m) has made it suitable for operation in extremely harsh environments.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
The 380 hp (283kW) Lycoming IGSO-540 piston engines are mounted in stub-wings flanking the cabin in order to maintain the STOL qualities of an aerodynamically high clean wing.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
The freight doors can be replaced by a sliding door for supply para-dropping.
You can see a little of the detail I added to the interior of the kit.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
This Matchbox kit gave me quite a few headaches, but in the end, it's a great addition to the collection and I'm glad I built it.
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
Click here to see some of the Construction stages of this kit.

In the early 1950's Claudius Dornier established design offices in Madrid under the auspices of Spanish aircraft manufacturer CASA until the postwar embargo on aircraft manufacture in Germany was lifted. The Dornier Do27 was the first aircraft to enter production in Germany after World War II.

Kit: Matchbox #PK-115
(Has also been reissued by Revell/Germany)
Matchbox Do28D Skyservant
72nd scale
Scale: 1/72
Decals: Stock, except for some German style "No Step" markings I borrowed from an ESCI Tornado kit.
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: I added internal frame structures, headrests and seatbelts, instruments, aerials, static dischargers, cut and moved control surfaces, scribed panel line detail, added landing and formation lights.
Cost: $7.00 at Wild Bill's Hobbies in Irving, Texas.
A fair deal for this kit.
Comments: It's a Matchbox kit... need I say more?
The kit is molded in Orange, Brown and White with overly deep recessed panel lines. Fit is fair to poor with my biggest problems being wing-to-fuselage and landing struts-to-fuselage. In both cases, I solved the fit problem by cutting the tabs off and sanding the two surfaces smooth. There was still quite a bit of putty needed to finish it off. This kit is not difficult to build, but I don't recommend it for the perfectionist unless you're just a glutten for punishment... like me.
Research: "The Encyclopedia of World Air Power" published by Cresent Books.


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