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Sea Fury T-61

Two Seat Conversion Trainer

Iraqi Air Force
Iraqi Air Force
Number 1 Squadron
Habbaniya, Iraq

PM Model

This model added to on January 01, 1998
New photographs taken May 6, 2011

PM Model 72nd scale Hawker Sea Fury T-61
The Sea Fury T.61 two seat trainer was developed as an export aircraft for service with the Iraq and Pakistani Air Forces.
PM Model 72nd scale Hawker Sea Fury T-61
Pakistan received a total of five aircraft between 1953 and 1954 assigning them to No 2 Fighter Conversion School. Iraq received three T.61s which were based at Habbaniya and operated by No 1 (IAF) Squadron for conversion training.
PM Model 72nd scale Hawker Sea Fury T-61

With a 2,550 horsepower Bristol Centaurus engine the Sea Fury has a maximum speed of 445 mph with a range of 1,310 nm.

PM Model 72nd scale Hawker Sea Fury T-61
The finished kit was not my best work, but an enjoyable build nonetheless. The Sea Fury is a great looking airframe and the extra cockpit made this kit too interesting for me to pass up.
PM Model 72nd scale Hawker Sea Fury T-61
After completing this kit I discovered that the T-61 was not armed and should not have had any gun ports. Small doubt there are other issues with this kit but I decided not to try to find out.

PM Model 214 Bagdad Fury
PM Model
Kit: PM Model #PM-214
72nd Scale
Scale: 1/72
Cost/Value: At a price of under $10.00(US) this is a descent "quick build" kit that can be fixed up with a bit of tender loving care.
Decals: Markings are provided for Iraq Air Force (IAF) and Pakistan Air Force. My decals were badly out of register and very brittle. I used replacement roundels from another kit.
Assembly: Included in the kit are 34 styrene parts molded in tan, 2 transparent parts, 1 decal sheet, and a single page black and white instruction sheet printed front and back.
Surface detail is recessed, slightly heavy but crisp. Most parts have a slightly rough texture that can be improved by a bit of sanding. Overall fit is not especially good, especially around the canopy and wing roots. The cockpit consists of only four parts and devoid of almost all detail, no sticks or instrument panels are included. I added homemade seat harnesses made with masking tape and controls from my spares box. The canopies are molded in one single piece and look fairly clear after dipping in Future floor wax. The canopies don't fit all that well to the fuselage and in the interest of finishing the kit quickly I just ignored the problem.
None of the control surfaces are positionable, although I modified the tail controls so they could be.
I used a Prisma color pencil to draw in many of the missing panel lines and rivets, I was satisfied overall with this effect and it was much easier than scribing.
Customizations: Masking Tape Seatbelts, wire antennae.
After Market Parts: None
Recommendation: If you're the kind of modeler who might enjoy a quick, cheap, simplified build of a very rare aircraft then this is the kit for you.

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