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RQ-1" Predator" UAV
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

57th Wing Badge
57th Wing (57 WG)
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Italeri Models

This model added to on July 12, 2010

Italeri UAV Preditor
In January 1994 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) awarded General Atomics Aeronautical Systems a contract to develop the "Predator" based on the GA Gnat 750 UAV.
Italeri UAV Preditor
In July 1995 the Predator System was deployed successfully to the Balkans under control of the CIA, operated by US Air Force teams trained by the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.
Italeri UAV Preditor
The RQ-1 Predator (R for Reconnaissance) uses synthetic aperture radar, video cameras and a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) to provide real-time imagery directly to the battlefield, or worldwide via satellite communication links.
Italeri UAV Preditor
Further development has led to the MQ-1 (M for Multi-role) which can be armed with AGM-114 Hellfire or AIM-92 Stinger missiles and is used for armed reconnaissance and interdiction missions.
Italeri UAV Preditor
The Predator is now operated by the US Air Force, Air National Guard, CIA, US Customs and Border Protection, Royal Air Force, Aeronautica Militare (Italy), and the Turkish Air Force.
Italeri UAV Preditor
Accurate Miniatures can be proud of this kit. It features recessed panel lines, virtually no flash and good overall fit. The shape and scale of the kit appear to be excellent.
Italeri UAV Preditor
Aligning the scrawny landing gear is probably the most difficult part of the build and they are only one small accident away from being snapped clean off.
Italeri UAV Preditor

The camera turret rotates and even comes with the correct warning decals. I used bits of a transparent pearlized sequin to simulate the daylight and infra-red TV cameras.

Italeri UAV Preditor
Even in 1/72 scale the Predator's 58 feet wingspan is impressive. With not canopy or cockpit to mess with, the Predator is a really fast build. The overall gray scheme makes painting a breeze also.

Accurate Miniatures Predator UAV 0412
Accurate Miniatures

Kit: Accurate Miniatures   #0412
(repackaged later as Italeri)
1/72 Scale
Scale: 1/72 
Decals: Markings are provided to create virtually any CIA or USAF Predator in existence including serial numbers, squadron badges and tail letters. The sheet is printed in tight register on a nice thin carrier.

Decal Sheet

Review: This is a simple kit consisting of only 30 pieces molded in light gray. Panel lines are recessed with good surface detail. All parts fit together well. My kit required a very small amount of filler at the wing roots and at the undersides of fuselage. It took me several days to complete but a fast modeler might be able to knock this one out in a day.

The wing is molded as one single piece and mine was a bit warped at one end. I warmed it up with a hair dryer and it bent back into place without any problem.

No wing pylons or missile rails are provided to make the armed MQ-1 version but it would be a relatively easy conversion.

Alignment of the landing gear is very important since the Predators' rear stabilizers hang just a few inches from the ground.

After Market Parts Used: None
Customizations: None
Cost: Around $18.00 (U.S.)
Recommendation: This is a well done, accurate kit that will please most any UAV enthusiast. It will be a quick build for an experienced modeler, a beginner may struggle a bit with some of the tiny parts but should manage. Highly recommended.

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