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ACE Model
BMP-1A1 (Ost)

Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Kit #72108

This model added to on July 12, 2002

ACE Model BMP-1A1 (Ost)

Kit Overview


ACE Model
Product Number: 72108
Scale: 1/72
Kit Contents:

4 sprues molded in white. 124 parts. 1 photo etched metal sheet. 13 parts. 1 decal sheet with markings for reunified German Army and Hellenic Army. 1 page instruction sheet printed front and back with reasonably easy to follow exploded views.
Review Type: Assembly through completion.
Things I really liked:

The instruction sheet includes fairly detailed information (in both English and Russian) outlining major systems, specifications and development of the vehicle. Details are very good on most parts especially upper hull. Tracks are injection molded plastic with seperate links. Scale is accurate. The metal etched parts are very nicely done - they are thin, fit excellent, and really spice up the kit. Decals are printed well.
The ACE web site includes a few research photos of the actual vehicle and scans of the sprue trees, decals and photo etched parts.
Things that could be better:

Flash is heavy on most parts so clean up is a fairly tedious undertaking especially on the roadwheels. Alignment is complicated due to the absence of locator pins anywhere. Fit is fairly rough between lower hull, side and rear hull parts. Track links need modification to fit over return rollers and between drive sprocket. Trimming, sanding and filling is required. Parts for Vermacht style convoy light or Hellenic boarding ladder are not included. Tracks are not molded with German style rubber pads for street driving.
Value: Due to the rarity of this subject in 72nd scale, overall accuracy and the inclusion of photo etched parts this kit is very reasonably priced at around $15.00 (US).

If you are an experienced small scale modeler with an interest in Soviet designed armor, I highly recommend this kit. I found the end result rewarding and worth all the extra effort required.

I do not recommend this kit for beginners due to the small metal etched parts, no locating pins, alignment problems, and parts cleanup.

The 5 hull pieces require careful sanding, trimming and test fitting. The front lower hull has to be bent back a few degrees in order to align with the hull sides. The rear panel of the bottom hull must be trimmed down in order for the hull back to fit.
Flash is heavy on most parts. The clean up process is tedious especially on the roadwheels, however detail is good when you get down to it.
Nicely done metal etched parts are provided for gun ports, headlight gaurds, rear fender "vents", main gun site and smoke discharger endcaps.
I made my own turret tie-down straps out of strips of drafting tape. Note the excellent metal etched rear fenders.
Overall dimensions are very close and it definately captures the look of the real deal.
With a base coat of Russian Armor Green you can finally start to see the fine details come alive. Overall detail is very good for this limited run kit.
The decal sheet is printed well and includes all the rubber matts applied to the upper surfaces. Here I've applied the first hint of my weathering process.
Here is my finished Hellenic Army BMP-1A1.
I am very pleased with the end result and my experience was pleasant enought that I plan on building at least one more varient.


This kit requires some effort cleaning up some of the parts and a bit of putty here and there, but overall detail and accuracy is good. This is another very nice offering by ACE and I recommend for anyone but a beginner.

Visit the
BMP1-A1 Gallery Page
for photos of the finished kit.

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