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MV-22A Osprey

Multi-mission Tiltrotor Aircraft


This model added to on November 19, 1997

Testors Bell/Boing MV-22 Osprey
Lifting off with either 24 armed troops or 20,000 lbs. of cargo, the revolutionary tilt-rotor aircraft is one of the most significant developments in thirty years.
Testors Bell/Boing MV-22 Osprey
The twin Alison T406-AD-400 gas turbine engines generate 6,150 shaft horsepower each.
Testors Bell/Boing MV-22 Osprey
With the engine nacelles rotated to horizontal, the osprey is capable of cruising at 315 knots in "clean" configuration and 271 knots in Marine Amphibious Assault Configuration.
Testors Bell/Boing MV-22 Osprey
This kit was a fun addition to my collection. Since the Osprey is not in service (at the time of writing) there is room for imagination on small details and even paint schemes.
Testors Bell/Boing MV-22 Osprey
I've seen the Osprey prototype fly twice at local airshows. It wears a high visibility white, black and orange-red paint scheme. I've never gotten close enough to get detailed photos, and there aren't many good reference books on the subject (at time of writing). As far as I'm concerned, Testors did a really nice job on this kit.

Kit: Testors #640
Scale: 1/72
Decals: Markings provided with the kit represent the Factory rollout paint scheme, 23rd March 1988, Ft. Worth, Texas.
After Market Parts: None.
Customizations: None.
Cost: This was a great value at under $20.00(US).
Comments: Fit is good overall. Small amounts of putty and sanding were needed where the tail assembly connects to the fuselage and on the spine where the wings meet the fuselage. The interior is very nice. The cargo area has seating folded up along the sidewalls, textured bay floor, front and rear bulkheads, and positionable loading ramp with actuators. The cockpit has nice armored seats and a detailed instrument panel. There is still room for additional details on the sidewalls. Canopy is molded in a really neat transparent amber. gallery

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