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Ground Support Equipment

MFG-1 badge
Marinefliegergeschwader 1
(Tornado Squadron)
Jagel, Germany 1988


This model added to on August 12, 2009

NATO Airfield Support Equipment
NATO airfields must be standardized to service many different types of aircraft, these are 7 of the important devices used specically by MFG-1 (German Tornado Squadron).
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
The hangar tractor is the workhorse of the ground support crew, it's used to tow technical maintenance components about the airfield. Here it's hauling the H2987 SUN Electric Systems Hydraulic Test Stand which is used to diagnose all aircraft hydraulic problems.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
The Steinbock Hoist is the airfield's version of a hand-truck. It's used to lift heavy wing tanks and weapons up to an aircraft's pylons.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
The 30 KVA Starter (front right) is essential for every jet engine. The Component Crane (left rear) is used to install and remove the starter.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
The Outer Load Trailer is used to carry weapons to the aircraft and a tow bar is used to park aircraft safely.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
Some details are toy-like (especially the wheels and tires) but not completely unacceptable.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
The decals are printed in register on a nice thin carrier. There are quite a few of them which really bring the equipment to life.
NATO Airfield Support Equipment
This was a fun build, quick and easy. I could have detailed and customized more but they'll do fine as diorama pieces.

Revell Ground Support Equipment (NATO) #4388

Revell of Germany
Kit: Revell #4388

Scale: 1/72

Purchased from Old Time Hobbies in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid 1990's. A very good deal for what is now a very rare out of production kit.


The kit consists of approx. 93 plastic parts molded in green, yellow and transparent, 1 large decal sheet and a six-page foldout instruction sheet.

Details range from good to poor, some parts are simplified to toy-like quality especially some of the wheels. Many of the parts have sink-holes that need patching. Very little flash was found and most parts fit together well.

The transparent parts are crystal clear but extremely thick.


The decals are very well done, perfectly in register, colors are completely opaque, the carrier is nice and thin and there are quite a lot of them.

I added various hydraulic lines made from wire or stretched sprue, various lights using sequins and epoxy, replaced the kits very thick transparency parts with acetate.

This is an easy kit to build, some parts are overly simplified but with a bit of customizing this will make a great addition to most any modern German/NATO diorama.

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