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Mitsubishi MU-2S
Search and Rescue Aircraft

Japan Self-Defense Air Force
Hamamatsu-Miami Base
Rescue Training Squadron

Hasegawa Logo

This model added to on June 16, 1998
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
The MU-2 was originally developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry as a high performance turboprop airplane. The first type took flight on September 14, 1963.
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
The MU-2S is designed to search as far as 200 nautical miles from it's base, locate any aircraft in distress, and lead other rescue parties to the site.
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
Inside the prominent nose-mounted radome is a Doppler radar antennae.
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
Semi-spherical windows and a door that can be opened during flight enhance visual search capabilities.
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
This is a super neat kit... molded very nicely considering the age of the kit.
Hasegawa Mitsubishi Mu-2s
I've gotten accustomed to paintjobs that are meant to hide an aircraft from it's enemies. It was really strange painting this one in colors that were meant to do precisely the opposite.
Hasegawa Jeep
The neat little Jeep in the photos is included in the kit! Definite proof that the kit is OLD! (before they invented the word "aftermarket").

Hasegawa JS-095 MU-2S
Hasegawa Logo
Kit: Hasegawa #JS-095

Scale: 1/72
Decals: Kit Stock plus a few from the spares box.
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: Scratch built seatbelts and scratch rear cabin interior
Cost: I paid $8.00 for this kit at the 1998 Squadron Scalefest. It's the only place I've ever seen one.
Comments: This is an old Hasegawa kit with crisp raised panel lines. Very good fit overall. The glass parts are done very well, clean and thin. The landing gear parts are excellent for such a small kit (less than 6 inches long). I weighted the nose a little just in case.

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