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Mikoyan MiG-23s (Flogger B)
Variable Sweep Wing
Multi-Role Fighter

Soviet Air Force

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This model added to on August 8, 1997

At one time the most numerous aircraft type in service on the globe, the Flogger will probably remain important until the centuries turn.
My Flogger carries AA-8 Aphids and AA-7 APEX (one IR and one SARH).
I relied on the kits instructions for camouflage colors and pattern.
The kits cockpit glass is cleverly designed to snap into open or closed position.
With wings swept at 72 degrees the fogger can reach
top speed of 1,520mph (Mach 2.31).
A great look at the massive Tumanski R-29-300 afterburning turbofan engine.
In case anyone noticed in the photos... I had lost the ventral fin somewhere down the line. Right after I posted these photos, Shawn Lynch (Dallas, Texas) contacted me and donated the missing piece from his collection. Thanks Man!
Hasegawa did a pretty good job on the complicated-looking yet simple landing gear.
My hand gives away the compact size of the Flogger.
The cockpit needed lots of work (this is an old kit) I threw away the "Lazyboy Lounger" right away and dropped in an awesome resin KM1 from True Details. I added a homemade hud and lots of scratch "gadgets".

Hasegawa 1711 Mikoyan MiG-23S Flogger B
Hasegawa Hobby Kits
Kit: Hasegawa #01711
1:72 Scale
Scale: 1/72
Decals: Box Stock. Good quality crisp stuff. Now that mine is all finished, I've seen some awesome aftermarket sets with much better data markings.
After Market Parts: True Details KM1 Ejection Seat Stock #45002, DML Modern Soviet Aircraft Weapons Kit #2504
Cost/Value: Definately a great kit for under 20 bucks.
Comments: I built this kit many years ago so I'm writing these comments based on memory. This kit fits together well. Crisp raised panel lines. The interior is sparse. Decals are good but with no data or stenciling.

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