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Boeing KC-135A
Inflight-Refueling Tanker/
Cargo/Transport Aircraft

Serial No. 57-1423
93rd Bomb Wing - Castle A.F.B

"The only time you have too much fuel
is when you're on fire."


This model added to on November 03, 1997

Still frontline equipment more than 35 years after it entered service ­ it now proudly wears the low-visibility "Shamu" paintjob.
A great view of the flying boom refueling system -
this is what the stratotanker is all about.
This "A" model is powered by four J57 turbojet engines.
Even at 1/72 scale it's 22.5" long with a 21" wingspan. We're talkin' BIG here. In fact it was really hard to capture any details as far away as I needed to be to get the whole bird in the frame.
As if AMT/ERTL's KC-135A wasn't cool enough by itself, they've also released four other variations including two I'm building - a KC-135R with the big CFM-56 turbofan engines (kit #8909) and a RC-135V with Side Looking Airborne Radar and TF-33 torbofan engines (kit #8956). You know I'll be showing them off when (or if) I finish them

AMT ERTL KC-135A Stratotanker 8848

Kit: AMT/ERTL #8848

Scale: 1/72
Decals: stock (one of two options)
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: Masking Tape Seatbelts, Styrene aerials, glass (clear plastic) replacements in the boom operator area because of fit problems.
Cost: I paid only $12.00 (us) for this kit at Toy Liquidators before they were bought and ruined by Kaybee Toys. It still usually sells for around $24.00 at the time of writing.
Value: For what I paid... AWESOME. It's still really nice kit for under $25.
Comments: Injection molded. Nice recessed panel lines. As you might expect on something this big, there was a little warping on a few parts, but it doesn't take much to bend back into place. The interior is nicer than I'd expect and it was a shame to seal up all the extra goodies, especially the toilet and Charmin roll molded on the wall. I omitted the landing gear (actually very nicely done) since I decided to hang mine from the ceiling. Some cool options include a hose with a drogue basket and open crew and cargo hatches.

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