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Mil Mi-4 "Hound A"
                         (NATO designation)
Military Transport Helicopter

Soviet Navy Ensign
Polish Army

This model added to on January 23, 1999

In April of 1952, the Soviet Union's first large cargo/passenger helicopter, the Mi-4 took to the sky. It was designed and flown within a year, a remarkable feat even though it borrowed much of it's design from the U.S. Sikorsky S-55.
Able to carry 14 troops or 1.6 tons of cargo, the Hound A (NATO designation) was also used in anti-submarine warfare and armed assault. When production ended in 1964, more than 3000 Mi-4s had been produced for the USSR and many foreign users.
Normal Hound armament was one 12.7 mm machine gun mounted under the fuselage in a gondola type protrusion - although North Vietnamese Hounds were equipped with guns and missiles when they attacked American Forces near Da Nang on June 1968 and destroyed a PCF boat.
The Hound is powered by a 1,700 hp. Shvetsov ASh-82V air-cooled radial engine, giving the Hound a top speed of 99 knots. On April 25, 1956, a Hound set a world record by lifting 2,000 kg. payload to 6,017 meters. In 1957, an Mi-4 made a 7,000 km. flight from Moscow to North Pole-6 Arctic station.
No... this is NOT the way they started the engine! Every once in a while somebody will rush through one of my pages, and not even realize they're looking at models. So I try to include at least one shot like this to get their attention.
I'm glad to see so many "new" kit releases of all the world's un-represented rotary winged aircraft. Just in case any manufacturers are reading... I cast my vote for a big fat Mi-26 Halo! (I can dream can't I?)
Goodman Air Base was a little crowded on the day I took these photos. The Hound was having to share Tarmac with my Il-28 Beagle
My Hound is a neat little kit, not quite up to today's high tech molding standards, but sufficient and unique. It's an important part in any rotary winged collection and yet a rare sight in any display. The most important thing is thay it's a little on the ugly side. That automatically makes it a favorite in my book.

Kit: Unda  #72004 

Scale: 1/72 
Decals: I used Polish markings and numerals from my decal scrap box. The kit provides Russian Stars and numbers which I didn't actually try, but they looked as if the clear parts would have a yellowish tint to them.
Paint: The colors are mostly Model Master Pale Green FS 34227 Euro Dark Green FS 34092 and Medium Gray FS 35237, although all were altered to match photos of the real aircraft.
After Market Parts: None
Customizations: I added new Odd Rods (IFF antennae), a cloth boot around the gun's base, a stretched sprue aerial antennae, and two modified pilot's seats out of my spares box. I replaced the clear parts provided for the spotlights with metallic sequins and clear epoxy (as always), a trick that was taught to me by Kyle Williams - Thanks Kyle!
Cost: I picked this kit up from Squadron Mail Order on sale for about $5 bucks if I remember correctly. A very good deal!
Comments: Fit is pretty good on most of the kit with the exception of the front windscreen. I had to trim the engine cover and both sides of the cockpit, and shim the top of the clear glass part to make it all go together.
All of the clear parts are molded thick and rough. A coat of Future floor wax helped them a little, but it's still very hard to see inside.
That turns out not to be such a problem since the interior detail is very sparse anyway.
The pilot/chair assembly was sort of a head-shape glued onto a "dustcloth covered recliner" so I dug through my parts box and found two seats that could be modified into convincing helicopter seats.
The front landing gear support struts were difficult to locate properly and way too thick, so I used some scraps to rebuild them better.
Because of the windscreen fit and the landing gear, I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner, but with a little patience and forgiveness, it does build into a nice looking Hound when all said and done. I'm very happy with the kit.

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