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Kamov Ka-25

Anti-Submarine Warfare
Rotary Wing Aircraft

Soviet Navy Ensign
Soviet AV-MF (naval aviation)
Soviet Helicopter Carrier "Moskva"


This model added to on May 06, 1997

This might be the ugliest aircraft I've ever built, that's why I love it
The kit glass was extremely thick so I replaced
most of it all with acetate
Decals are from the "leftovers" box
About half of the control linkage rods are scratch-built of heated stretched sprue
You can get a small glimpse at the "glass covered" dials on the instrument panel. Actually just covered with a dab of clear 3-minute epoxy.

MPC Kamov Ka 25 Hormone
Kit: MPC #78-4214-250
1/72 scale
Scale: 1/72 
Decals: The sheet provide with the kit was horrific.
Out of register and thick as rubber. I found replacements in my leftovers box.
After Market Parts: None.
Customizations: Acetate windows, masking tape harnesses, modified seat cushions, various bulkhead detail, added control linkages, Russian helmet carved from an ESCI soft plastic figure, stretched-sprue aerials, instrument panel details.
Cost / Value: This kit usually goes for around $10 or under, and at that price it's a good fixer upper value.
Comments: First of all, remember that this is a pretty old kit, and it shows as soon as you open the box. The glass clear parts would be about a foot thick in scale. Flash is abundant and fit only ranges from fair to OK. Interior detail is not much better than none at all. Still, with some extra work, you've got a nice kit that draws lots of curious glances and questions.

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