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Boeing Vertol


This model added to on May 3, 2000

This is the cockpit about halfway finished. I bent the foot pedals to an asemetrical position.
Here is the canopy in position. I cut away the side windows and trimmed away the track rails from the fuselage so I could make new ones that lined up properly. This also allowed me to have the windows in the open position which looks better anyway.
The opened windows really added detail to the canopy and allowed an unrestricted view of the inside detail.
It's difficult to see but there is instrument detail on the flightdeck.
Italeri included mesh to insert into the vents on the upper part of the fuselage, a very nice touch!
Italeri made a good attempt to provide interior detail. The cargo seat webbing is molded a flat but it looks convincing once the fuselage is sealed up. Note my original try at cockpit colors.
I added strip styrene for framing structure on the sidewalls and engine access areas. It added just enough detail to make it look right.
Here I'm adding more strip styrene framing structure in the cargo bay.
This is the most you'll ever get to see of the nice engine detail... it's virtually gone once the fuselage is together.

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