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Sukhoi Su-27
Supersonic All-Weather Interceptor
(NATO designation)

(Soviet nicknamed "Crane")

Russian Air Force
Kubinka Airfield,
Moscow, Russia 1989


This model added to on June 5, 1997

On May 20, 1977 the Sukhoi T10-1 prototype took to the air and became the subject of attention of Western intelligence agencies, who dubbed it “Flanker A.”

The prototype evolved into the Su-27 or “Flanker B” and entered service in 1984.
The Su-27 is a highly maneuverable-high performance fly-by-wire fighter with the ability to carry up to 10 Air-to-air missiles.
The Su-27 is powered by two NPO Saturn/Lyul'ka AL-31F afterburning turbofan engines.
This Italeri kit represents (mostly) an early production model. Later models received white raydomes and red numbers. The kit is complete with what seems like a ludicrous weapons load but is actually a common fit for this aircraft.
Although some dimensions are off, Italeri got the overall look and feel fairly close on this kit, more so than some other kit makers.
With raised panel lines, decals for an early production aircraft and moderate cockpit detail, this may not be the best "Flanker" kit on the market. It is however modestly priced, easy to build and looks reasonably accurate and so not a bad value at all.

Italeri Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B

Kit: Italeri #187

Scale: 1/72 
Decals: Cutting Edge sheet #CED72011.
After Market Parts: True Details K36 Ejection seat (resin), a modified True Details H.U.D. (photo-etched), DML Modern Soviet Aircraft Weapons Set 1: Air-to-air missiles Kit #2504
Cost: This kit was a "bagged kit" purchased from Squadron Mail Order at $3.99(US). I'd say I got my moneys worth!
Comments: Fit was reasonably good overall. Size and shape are fairly accurate although not perfect.
Raised panel lines are thin and looked OK outlined with a gray Prismacolor pencil.

Detail is sufficient on the outside of the kit but the cockpit and gear bays are highly simplified.
The kits weapons are soft on detail so I replaced them with DML's more detailed weapons.
The cutting edge decals were excellent, tightly registered, thin and went down smooth as could be.
Reference: World Air Power Journal - Volume 28 and 29.

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